The BestSell range of services

BestSell supports manufacturers in the core areas of sales, marketing and consulting, helping them build successful, long-term business relationships with the largest retail chains in German-speaking markets.

German-speaking market

BestSell’s range of services includes

As the challenges facing sales change, BestSell develops custom solutions and efficient and focused strategies, then implements these together with you.

Do you and your company want to benefit from our outstanding sales expertise? Contact us now, and set up your consulting appointment!

Key Account Management

BestSell helps manufacturers to develop long-term business relationships with the largest retail chains in the German-speaking market. Thanks to our outstanding contacts, we are able to reach over 85 percent of the food market, and over 90% of the non-food market in German-speaking countries.

Our range of services in the Key Account area includes:

  • Committed and professional key account organisation
  • Customer acquisition in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Negotiation and agreement of annual meetings with top sellers
  • Implementing revenue, market share, performance and sales targets
  • Negotiation, coordination, alignment and implementation of sales promotion measures
  • Negotiation and execution of national campaigns (secondary placements, display campaigns, etc.)
  • Implementation of the press strategies for consumers, based on manufacturer guidelines
  • Participation in retail trade fairs
  • Store checks and competitive analyses
  • and much more!

Are you looking for a partner with excellent contacts, who knows all the relevant contact persons at the major retail chains, and who can develop successful, long-term business relationships on your behalf?

Frau beim Einkaufen

Trade Marketing Management

BestSell prepares your market launch and prepares for sales of your products in the German-speaking market: To tap into the German-speaking retail market, you need strong regional expertise and deep insight into the expectations of retail for your products.

Our range of services in the Trade Marketing area includes:

  • Analysing the markets to identify competitors
  • Developing a pricing strategy
  • Developing a margin strategy
  • Developing a product range for the German-speaking market
  • Product preparations for the market launch: Language, packaging, certificates, etc.
  • Development of a “selling story” and USP
  • Creating sales promotional materials like sales folders, samples or presentations
  • Organising shelf service if required
  • and much more!

Are you looking for a professional partner who understands everything needed for a successful market launch in the German-speaking retail market, and who can apply this knowledge to your products?

Logistic Management

BestSell helps you access and conquer Europe's largest and most complex market – including in terms of physical services like logistics. We have worked with top retail chains for many years, and we understand all of the relevant details, expectations, and procedures in the import, delivery or warehousing areas.

Our range of services in the Logistics area includes:

  • Organising shipments to retailers, central warehouses or our own central warehouse in Germany
  • Facilitating just-in-time deliveries
  • Organising direct customer deliveries
  • Fulfilling trade and market requirements
  • Ensuring correct labelling for each customer
  • Support in customs-related matters
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Interface between manufacturers and logistics partners as well as central warehouses
  • and much more!

Are you looking for an experienced partner who understands all of the basics of logistics in the areas of import, delivery or storage for successful collaboration with the major retail chains, and is ready to implement them on your behalf?

Customer Service


BestSell understands the complex requirements necessary for a successful launch and successful sales in the German-speaking retail market. We support you with a wide range of services, so you can concentrate on your core business!

  • Customer service
  • Call centre
  • Order management
  • Complaint management
  • Contract management
  • Preparing services
  • Data administration
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Logistics support
  • and much more!

Are you looking for a partner to help you with all of your needs? Sales on the German-speaking market is so much more than just selling – and BestSell can manage every discipline for you!

If your product is selling well in your home country, there is a high chance it can be successful in the German-speaking market as well.

Dealers and consumers in German-speaking countries have certain expectations for what a collaboration should look like. To be successful in the German-speaking market, you need to understand what makes retail tick, and how you can adapt your strategy to fulfil these expectations.

BestSell will coordinate with you, the manufacturer, to identify the right strategy and draft an optimal approach to win over German retailers and sellers and convince them to sell your products. Our agile, results-oriented approach optimises services on an ongoing basis, to help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives!

Sales success with BestSell in just three steps

Work with us to complete these three essential phases, so we can get your products ready for the market in 6 – 10 months.




2 to 3 months

Brief description

Before we decide to collaborate, we need to get to know one. We assess the potential of your products on the German-speaking market, identify relevant sales markets, discuss goals, and much more.


  • Considering the potential of the product for the German-speaking market
  • Identifying relevant sales channels
  • Initial store checks
  • Contact with dealers to get a better feel for the potential and for competitors
  • Contact with dealers to agree to a potential test
  • Kick-off meeting with the manufacturer
  • Store check tour with the manufacturer
  • Touring the manufacturer’s production facilities
  • Decision-making process (collaboration – yes or no?)
  • Signing the cooperation agreement


Our official collaboration begins.




2 to 4 months

Brief description

This phase involves meeting requirements for sales success: Legal issues are clarified, products and sales documents are coordinated, initial test markets and contacts are selected and established, etc. We work with you to ensure your sales success.


  • Translation into German
  • Preparing products for the German-speaking market
  • Preparing product presentations and sales folders
  • Preparing a company presentation
  • Preparing business cards
  • Preparing displays
  • Identifying relevant decision-makers on the retailer side
  • Contacting independent retailers and discussing possible product tests
  • Developing the USPs of the products and the company
  • Assembling available / required certificates


Your products are now ready or market launch.




Ongoing presentation of your company and products in 3-month offer waves.

Brief description

Each contact person and each relevant dealer in the German-speaking market comes into contact with your brand and your products at regular intervals throughout the year, through multiple waves of offers. Time to sell!


  • Preparation for the first wave of offers
  • Sending company and product presentations to potential customers
  • Sending offers to all relevant customers
  • Follow-up on the first wave of offers.
  • Sending initial samples
  • Discussing and revising offers
  • Handling initial appointments with retailers


We approach the market together and sell products.

What makes BestSell different from a distributor?

BestSell offers more
  • BestSell is not a distributor:
    BestSell cannot be compared to a common distributor. We take a totally different, modern, and efficient approach. We don’t simply sell your products; instead, we enter into a business partnership with you, focused on successful sales.
  • BestSell acts in your name:
    Although BestSell and you, as a manufacturer, are two separate companies, we address customers as part of the manufacturer and sell products in your name.
  • To external viewers, BestSell is part of your company:
    This means we don’t just sell your products; customers perceive us as a (German) branch of your company.
  • BestSell offers more than just sales:
    We work with the manufacturer to develop a marketing strategy for the German-speaking market, then implement it with you.
  • BestSell acts alongside you:
    Our business model is based on mutual support and close collaboration with the manufacturer. The collaboration can only be successful if both sides believe in its success!
  • BestSell stands for successful collaboration:
    We don’t earn money FROM you, but rather WITH you.

Your goals

Listing with the big players

Listing with the big players

Access to the German-speaking market, from domestically or abroad

Access to the German-speaking market, from domestically or abroad

Your product as a private label

Your product as a private label

Do you need sales support?

Do you need sales support?

How can selling in brick-and-mortar stores in the German-speaking market pay off for you?

The German-speaking market includes Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, making it Europe’s largest market. Food and non-food (DIY, textile, furnishings, etc.) retail chains in the German-speaking market generate hundreds of billions of euros in revenue each year, making them some of Europe’s largest retail chains – with enormous potential!

Why shouldn’t I approach retailers and big players on my own?

One ‘big player ‘actually represents a huge number of individual customers.

At first glance, the structure of the German-speaking market is relatively simple. There are some “big players” like Edeka, with over 6,000 supermarkets, Rewe, with over 3,200 supermarkets, and Aldi, with approx. 4,100 discount markets. In reality, however, Edeka is not a monolith. Edeka is an umbrella brand encompassing 7 regional companies. And these 7 regions, in turn, unite between 500 and 800 independent merchants in each region, all of whom have the freedom to make their own purchasing decisions. First, these merchants and regional companies need to be convinced to buy a product. It is almost impossible to access national listings without first “conquering” the regions.

Almost all retail groups in the German-speaking market are structured this way, from the areas of DIY to textile, pharmacy or furnishings. The market is highly complex, but BestSell understands the fundamental requirements successful products need to meet, and has functional procedures and a functional network of contacts. We get your products on the shelf!

Why is BestSell not a distributor?

BestSell is not a distributor.
BestSell cannot be compared to a common distributor. We take a totally different, modern, and efficient approach. We don’t simply sell your products; instead, we enter into a business partnership with you, focused on successful sales.

Who benefits from outsourcing sales?

Increased competition and cost pressures are forcing businesses to concentrate more and more on their core business. Often, sales and marketing may not be among those core areas of expertise; outsourcing allows companies to target their available capacity on those areas where they can generate a competitive advantage.

7 good reasons to choose sales outsourcing

1. Creating jobs
Our goal is to ensure and develop the success of the companies that we support continuously, in the long-term. Our objective is to create more attractive and secure jobs within our own company, as well as in the companies we support. We focus on possibilities, not challenges.

2. Cost savings
Temporary or permanent “leasing” of measurable sales services requires companies to deal with wage costs, benefit costs, vacation time, sick leave, overhead costs, material costs, office rent, personnel recruiting, vehicle leasing, and sales meetings. You can expect to see more flexible costs and savings of up to 30 – 40%, depending on your industry and sales structure, based on a total cost calculation.

3. More corporate flexibility
Sales requires both personnel resources and management capacity. In addition, organisations are often expected to handle issues that are far removed from their core area of expertise. We reduce your workload, so you can concentrate on your core business.

4. Faster access to new markets
Every company needs to tap into new markets or market niches, and get new products or services to retail shelves. Innovation management is the magic word. However, this can be difficult to achieve in many cases - primarily due to a lack of resources. Listing procedures and required sales tests can make market launches much more difficult. We have the contacts and the experience, and we can help ensure your products reach consumers.

5. Improved liquidity
Can be used to invest in the market, for product development, or simply to reduce your current account liabilities.

6. Access to external specialised expertise
More difficult economic conditions, stronger competition, increased purchasing power among customers, and the huge diversity of services available are posing complex challenges for sales today. That makes sales one of the most important drivers of value within a company.

7. Additional benefits
BestSell offers not only expected advantages like sales expertise, added sales capacity, cost savings, etc., but also usually gives companies a new way to look at their existing processes and procedures. Often, this learning effect can be a key, unexpected, and major benefit for your company.

How does sales outsourcing with BestSell pay off

BestSell is a professional, full-service provider with the qualitative and quantitative staffing capacity to handle marketing for your products with custom, long-term, and successful support. Often, our cooperations begin with initial success, like handling external sales, then develop into complete sales outsourcing relationships.

Thanks to our focused structure and approach, which takes advantage of synergies, we can generate excellent success at a reasonable cost. Our highly motivated, well-trained team is ready to take on any new challenge. We will work with you to develop a thorough sales concept based on your needs, to generate above-average success for you in the long-term.

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