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What is your challenge?

  • Do you already sell your products in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, but want to achieve successful listings at big players like Edeka, Rewe, Hagebau, Obi, Rossmann or dm?
  • Or are you a manufacturer already successfully selling its products that wants to tap into the German-speaking retail market?
  • Maybe you are looking for an opportunity for high sales via a private label in construction, food and chemist shops, textile retail chains or discounters like Aldi, Lidl & others?

Do what so many other companies have already done: Solve your challenges with BestSell, and get your successful start on the German-speaking retail market!

Big players

Listing with the big players

Your challenge

You are already selling your products in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. Now, you want to achieve successful listings with the big players such as Edeka, Rewe, Hagebau, Obi, Rossmann or dm.

The hurdle

The “big players” actually represent hundreds of individual companies who you need to convince.

  • In reality, Edeka, for instance, is not a monolith.
  • Edeka is an umbrella brand encompassing 7 regional companies. And these 7 regions, in turn, unite between 500 and 800 independent merchants in each region, all of whom have the freedom to make their own purchasing decisions.
  • First, these merchants and regional companies need to be convinced to buy a product. It is almost impossible to access national listings without first “conquering” the regions.
  • Many manufacturers fail because they don’t understand the right procedure, and don't fulfil the expectations of these retail chains.

Our solutions

  • We understand all the fundamental requirements successful products must fulfil.
  • We have a functional network of contacts and implementation procedure
  • We get your products on the shelf!

Access to the German-speaking market from abroad:

Your challenge

You are a manufacturer already successfully selling your products in non-German speaking countries. Now, you want to complete a successful launch on the German-speaking retail market.

The hurdle

All of the framework conditions in the German-speaking market must be fulfilled for you to achieve sales success.

  • Any manufacturer with a serious and good chance for success on the German-speaking market should either own or found a German company.
  • You will need perfect German language-skills.
  • You will need to be familiar with the unique features of large German-speaking retail chains.
  • You will need excellent knowledge on the structure of the German-speaking market.
  • You will also need good contacts to purchasers with decision-making competence.

Our solutions

  • Helping customers fulfil requirements for a launch on the German-speaking market from abroad is what we do.
  • We know what makes the German-speaking retail market tick, and what companies need to complete, fulfil and comply with.
  • Investment is essential, but with BestSell investments remain manageable and calculable.
  • We get your products on the shelf!
German-speaking market
Private label

Your product as a private label

Your challenge

Are you looking for an opportunity for high sales via a private label in construction, food and chemist shops, textile retail chains or discounters like Aldi, Lidl & others?

The hurdle

Getting started as a private label in discounters and other stores takes explicit knowledge, the right contacts, and years of experience!

  • You need expertise on how to make your products successful for Aldi & similar retailers.
  • You need to be able to deliver the very high quantities required.
  • You need the right contacts to learn about the specifications required for a potential order.
  • You need experience to implement these complex requirements (such as requirements for packaging, products or logistics, etc.).
  • You need contacts to gain access to calls for tenders, and you need the expertise to take part in these processes successfully.

Even if you get the contract, smooth compliance with all requirements and close collaboration with the client are essential – for that, you need strong partners so you can concentrate on your core areas of expertise!

Our solutions

  • We have excellent contacts with top partners.
  • We know exactly what requirements a product must fulfil, in order to be sold under a private label.

Our services

BestSell is a dynamic, success-focused company with a range of services encompassing the core areas of sales, marketing & consulting for national and international manufacturers.

As sales and marketing professionals, we support manufacturers in developing efficient and focused market launch strategies, then implement these together with you.

German-speaking market

BestSell helps manufacturers to develop long-term business relationships with the largest retail chains in the German-speaking market. Thanks to our outstanding contacts, we are able to reach over 85 percent of the food market, and over 90 percent of the non-food market in German-speaking countries.

BestSell prepares your market launch and prepares for professional sales of your products in the German-speaking market. To tap into the German-speaking retail market, you need strong regional expertise and deep insight into the expectations of retail for your products.

BestSell helps you access and conquer Europe’s largest and most complex market – including in terms of physical services like logistics. We have worked with top retail chains for many years, and we understand all of the relevant details, expectations, and procedures in the import, delivery or warehousing areas.

BestSell understands the complex requirements necessary for a successful launch and successful sales in the German-speaking retail market. We support you with a wide range of services, so you can concentrate on your core business!


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Do you need sales support?

Do you need sales support?

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